Selected Resources - Courts

American Law Institute
The American Law Institute (ALI) was founded in 1923 to assist the legal profession in addressing uncertainties in the law. ALI published a revised version of Restatement Third, Torts: Liability for Physical Harm (Basic Principles) in 2001.

Daubert on the Web
This website tracks criminal and civil cases in which Daubert motions have been filed and provides other helpful resources and links.  The site also sponsors BLOG 702.

The Federal Judicial Center
The Federal Judicial Center (FJC) was established in 1967 by Congress to serve as the primary education and research agency for the federal court system. The FJC's Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, 2nd edition (2000) is designed “to assist judges in managing cases involving complex scientific and technical evidence.” The chapter titles include: How Science Works, Reference Guide on Epidemiology, and Reference Guide on Medical Testimony.

The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library
The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (LTDL) is a digital library of more than 7 million documents from the tobacco industry's files on marketing, sales, and scientific research of tobacco products.

The National Academies’ Science, Technology and Law Program
In 1999, the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council established the Science, Technology and Law Program (STL). Its purpose is to improve communication and promote understanding between the disparate but interconnected disciplines of science and the law. Events coordinated by the Science, Technology and Law Program include: