Coronado Conference Papers

SKAPP hosts annual conferences of scholars — called Coronado conferences after the location of the first conference — to present papers and discuss concepts relevant to SKAPP themes.

Coronado Conference I: In March 2003, SKAPP hosted the first Coronado Conference on Scientific Evidence and Public Policy, convening a group of distinguished scientists, philosophers of science, judges and policy experts to present papers and discuss the use and misuse of scientific evidence in public policy, and the implications of the 1993 Supreme Court’s decision Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The participants focused on how these issues are worked out in the legal and regulatory arena, with topics that included: what is the meaning of causation; how do scientists reach judgments; and is there a scientific method? The papers presented at the conference and others on this topic appear in a special supplement to the American Journal of Public Health (Vol 95, S1, July 2005.) (Full-text PDFs) (Access via AJPH)

Coronado Conference II: “Sequestered Science: The Consequences of Undisclosed Knowledge" was held in New York City on October 14 and 15, 2004. Papers and discussion at Coronado II addressed the issue of “sequestered science” in the courts, the regulatory arena and, because of the role of academic research in science policy, universities.  Some of the papers presented at the conference have been published in the journal Law and Contemporary Problems (L&CP). (Full-text PDFs here) (View articles at L&CP site)

Coronado Conference III: In March 2006, SKAPP hosted its third conference, "Truth and Advocacy: The Quality and Nature of Litigation and Regulatory Science." Participants examined science generated in the context of regulation or litigation, focusing on whether science conducted in the adversary/advocacy context should be judged by the same standards as science conducted outside of it, and how the incentives and intentions that operate in the courtroom shape scientific inquiry. Some of the papers presented at the conference will be published in a mini-monograph of Environmental Health Perspectives in 2008. (Full-text PDFs here)

Coronado Conference IV: In May 2007, SKAPP hosted its fourth conference, "Conventions in Science and the Law." The appearance of scientists in court or other legal settings is a classic example of incommensurate conventions. The conference explored the variety of scientific and legal conventions whose tacit workings are a potential source of mischief and confusion for lawyers and scientists alike. Some of the papers presented at the conference were published in the journal Law and Contemporary Problems. (Full-text PDFs here)