SKAPP recommends the following "science policy" articles and collections of articles by scholars.

Article Collections

1. Coronado Conference I Papers on scientific evidence in public policy.

In March 2003, a group of distinguished scientists, philosophers of science, judges and policy experts presented papers and discussed the use and misuse of scientific evidence in public policy, and the implications of the 1993 Supreme Court’s Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. decision. The papers have been published in a special supplement to the American Journal of Public Health (Vol 95, S1, July 2005). (Full-text PDFs)

2. Brooklyn Law School Center for Health, Science and Public Policy: Science for Judges.

The Science for Judges program is hosted by Brooklyn Law School in collaboration with the Federal Judicial Center, the National Center for State Courts, and the Panel on Science, Law and Technology of the National Academies of Science. The program organizes conferences for federal and state judges on scientific topics that enter the courtroom, such as epidemiology.

Papers from the conferences are published in the Brooklyn Law School Journal of Law and Public Policy.

Science for Judges 1: Papers on Toxicology and Epidemiology. Journal of Law and Public Policy. 2003;  XII (1).
Science for Judges 2: The Practice of Epidemiology and Administrative Agency Created Science. Journal of Law and Public Policy. 2004; XII (2).
Science for Judges 3: Maintaining the Integrity of Scientific Research and Forensic Evidence in Criminal Proceedings. Journal of Law and Public Policy. 2005;  XIII (1).

3. Science in the Regulatory Process: Law and Contemporary Problems. 2003 Autumn; 66(4). RA Merrill, Special Editor.

The articles in this collection address the implications of the Daubert decision, Shelby Amendment, and Information Quality Act on the use of science in regulatory decision-making and explore the larger relationship between science and law.

4. Causation in Law and Science: Law and Contemporary Problems. 2001 Autumn; 64(4). JM Conley, Special Editor.

Articles in this issue of Law and Contemporary Problems discuss the relationship between causation in law and causation in science, written from the perspectives of scientists, lawyers, philosophers, and others.

Additional Articles
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